Express 2024

During my “gap summer” while I’m away studying, here’s the short and sweet option: Start with a 5-minute warmup, end with a 5-minute stretch. For the 20 minutes that’s the main part of class, evenings will be strength-focused with a push/pull/lower body component, whereas Saturdays will be more cardio-focused, always including non-impact options. Equipment: we’ll make it work with what you have 😉

FREE TEST CLASSES on Sat April 27 at 9:30, Monday April 29 at 5:30, and Wed May 1 at 5 pm. Regular classes will begin on Saturday, May 11. See below for rates.

Ready, Set, Lift! will be back on September 9, 2024

My “OG” signature class: unique strength classes to accommodate everyone from injured beginners to competitive athletes. The small group size and structural nature of class allows for steady progress even using an on-line format.

We all work on the same strength principles — following a six-week cycle from the endurance range into lower reps, then a deload week — but depending where your body is at and what equipment you have available, everyone won’t necessarily perform the same actual moves. For example, on a hip hinge focus day, some participants might be practising an unloaded glute bridge while others deadlift a heavily loaded barbell. Similarly, a vertical push day might range from lifting an arm overhead without pain to gearing up for a heavy press.

Mondays are mainly an upper body focus, and Thursdays are mainly a lower body focus.

I was tickled pink to receive a spontaneous text one day after class: “Brilliant class. You’re like a gardener, pulling weeds out of our bodies.” Make of that what you will 😉


Your home equipment can even be as minimalist as a few dumbbells and bands, and a number of regular participants have worked their way up to kettlebells and/or barbells and plates. (Note: this class has no cardio component or high-impact moves.)

Monday (upper body focus) and Thursday (lower body focus) mornings, 9:00 a.m.; 55 minutes. Please see below (under “pricing”) for dates of the next strength cycle.


Kbell+ will be back mid to late September 2024, at Sunset

Introduction to Kettlebells – next session will be in early September 2024, at Sunset

So that you can learn how to safely swing a kettlebell, which is the basis for all of the ballistic moves. These run regularly at Sunset, or please ask me if you want to set up a date for your own personalized group.


The Mace: Shoulders of Steel

The mace was historically a tool of destruction and war; now it brings rotational power into modern workouts. Whether you’re itching for a more solid fenestra guard or you simply want a fun way to spice up your existing fitness routine, come and learn how to use it!

Sunday April 28, 1 to 2:30 pm. Held at Academie Duello.


For classes at Sunset Community Centre, please go online at vanrec.ca, call 604-718-6505, or register in person.

Express 2024 rates: $25 per class, $110 for a 5-pack, or $200 for a 10-pack (includes GST.) Second participant using the same device, add $10 per class. Note: to play it safe all around due to potential logistical issues while I’m out of province and in school, invoicing for this class will be completed after class attendance.

FREE Express 2024 test classes on Sat April 27 at 9:30, Monday April 29 at 5:30, and Wed May 1 at 5 pm. Regular classes will begin on Saturday, May 11.

Ready, Set, Lift class programming runs in repeating-loop strength cycles. Cycles are normally six consecutive weeks, but sometimes there is a “bonus week” due to predicted variances or interruptions; classes run on certain statutory holidays. The per-unit price is best for you if you register prepaid for a full strength cycle, at $270 including GST (plus an additional pro-rated $22.50 per class if we need to run a “bonus week” within a given strength cycle). You are also welcome to join any time at $35 per single class, or $150 for a 5-pack (2-month expiry period) / $300 for a 10-pack (3-month expiry period).

The next RSL strength cycle will begin on September 9th, 2024, with no class on Thanksgiving Monday and our deload day on Thursday October 17th, 2024. ($247.50 for this strength cycle.)


For classes at Sunset Community Centre, please go online at vanrec.ca, call 604-718-6505, or register in person.

Most workshops are at Academie Duello.

Booking for all regularly scheduled on-line classes is at: https://whatsyourstrength.setmore.com/ Please note that your first login must be on a desktop (classes are on the left-hand side), and after that you can use your phone.

Note: for those who purchase on-line classes as drop-ins, there is a 24-hour late cancellation policy for classes. You can still sign until 1 hour before the class begins as long as it shows up in Setmore and the maximum capacity has not yet been reached.

Any questions? Please email me at whatsyourstrength (at) gmail (dot) com


Unwind Our pace has gotten even more rushed post-Covid, and we all truly need some self-care time. We’ll typically target the chest, upper back and hips, sometimes ankles, for mobility in this half hour on-line class. We aim to tie in good, relaxed breathing throughout to let our nervous system settle into actually using a better range of motion. A mat, chair or bench, bolster or folded towels, and any myofascial release tools (such as a foam roller or various balls) will be helpful.

Desk Jockey Zoom Warrior Relief Counteract being hunched over keyboards and staring blearily at screens with gentle desk-based stretches and postural improvement. Available (only slightly ironically) on-line. Contact me to set up a custom session for your workplace. Sessions can range from 20 to 55 minutes long. Handouts and a YouTube playlist are provided for easy followup.

Oh, My Aching Back! Get over whatever low back pain you may be experiencing right now, and then prevent it from reoccurring. My goal is to help keep you off of pain meds, and get back to performing the way you want to! Invest some time in classes (can be tailored to your time requirements), plus expect to put in 8 minutes daily to get lasting change. Please contact me to discuss dates. Note: I cannot diagnose the cause of your back pain. This is meant to complement, not replace, any guidance from your doctor or physiotherapist.