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Travelling is definitely a thing again! For whatever reason, you may be making the best of a small space without any equipment. Fear not, here are options.

(And remember the basics: a general warmup is always required. Be warm; be smart; land light on your feet.)

If you really have only just the floor to use

Beginner Circuit (video is here)

  • 15:00 Strength/Cardio (standing)
    • reverse lunges
    • knee drive with hop
    • dipping bird (slow)
    • fighter stance to superhero landing
  • 10:00 Mobility/Stability (floor)
    • Crawls / lat drags
    • Knee dip 4-point or plank / Capital Ts from 4-point or plank
    • straight arm, hands by hips / Elbow reverse flys / bridge up to one-legged

Mobility/Stability (Intermediate – video is here)

  • You can do both circuits, in which case just take off one set per circuit
  • Start with the first circuit:
    • 2x ES arm bar
    • 2x thread the needle / Reach, roll, and lift (thumbs up)
    • 3x World’s greatest / prone Y – T – I’s
    • 3x: StrongFirst plank / floor pike pushups x 5
    • 3x: Hollow holds / Airborne lunge x 3
  • Once really warm, second circuit, 3x each for each pair:
    • 3 reps crab reach (warm up wrists first) / 5 good breaths in Gargoyle
    • 3 good breaths in 2-point plank / 3 reps Iso pistol
    • luge: 3 reps head lifts if you know technique is good / 3 hip swivels

Strength/Cardio Dynamic Work (Intermediate – video is here)

  • 20:00 Standing – 5 sets of each, in order; aim for the same amount of rest breaths between sets (I did this as three rest breaths — and over time, that and therefore the time taken to complete the workout, should decrease, is the plan)
    • Stars (8’s)
    • One-legged hops (5’s, three ways)
    • Rocket squat jumps (5’s)
    • Scissor jumps (5’s, both ways)
    • Full sprawls (3’s)
  • 12:00 Floor – same thing with the rest breaths.
    • Forearm Spidermans (5’s)  / plank moguls — and after redoing the workout, these actually work better as a straight-arm version than from the forearms (3’s) / elbow scampers (a few feet out and back)

If you have a little more to work with

Wall Add-ons (Intermediate – video is here)

  • One-armed (wall) pushoffs to warm up, then archer pushups
  • Assisted handstands
  • Slow side stomp with rotation / see-saw
  • Eccentric portion of pistols

A Chair or Elevated Surface (lower body for beginner to intermediate; upper is intermediate – video is here)

  • Single legged work: sit to stand, step-ups, lateral step-ups, and half Cossacks
  • Two-chair-assisted pistols are intermediate
  • Decline pushup

Try It Out!

The full playlist is here — and there you have it. As always, keep in touch, and please let me know how these go for you!