Hi. I’m Meghan O’Connell, a former boxer and now a powerlifter (squat, bench and deadlift). My goal for you is: solid foundations, less pain, and more strength.

whatsyourstrength (at) gmail (dot) com  (Email is the best method, with my fastest response time.)

For class registration, please see the classes page.


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(In the interests of time management and focus, I am not on Facebook anymore, nor using Instagram.)

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Exciting update! As of November 2022, I’ve started working at Main and 51st, out of Sunset Community Centre. It feels great to find a true neighbourhood place to work out of now in these (basically/almost) post-Covid times. The facility is spacious and well laid out, with lots of natural light and a nice quiet vibe for good focus. The amenities that may well matter most to you and I include a squat rack, kettlebells, and a Concept 2 rower (and there is a way to deadlift if the squat rack is occupied)… plus battle ropes for the adventurous!

Personal training rates

At Sunset Community Centre



Any work out of Sunset Community Centre is at their own rates, paid to them directly. Click here for more info.

Not at Sunset (e.g. on line, outside, off site from Sunset)

Tune-ups: $95 for an individual session of 55 minutes

Goal-focused: Three 55:00 sessions @ $90 per session, for a total of $270

Toe the line: Five 30:00 sessions @$45 per session, for a total of $225

All in for lasting change: Ten 55:00 sessions @ $80 per session, for a total of $800

Train with a friend! Only $10 more (total) per session for partner training.

Home or off site visits: To make sure you’re getting the right workout for your own equipment. I can often accommodate this, but please note that travel fees will apply.

5% GST applicable on all above personal training rates.

Priceless…i.e. free 😉

First-time complimentary consultation, 15 minutes (in person, by Zoom or phone)


Ready, Set Lift classes are held on-line. $220 for a 10-pack, or singles are $25 each; includes GST.

Kbell+ classes (Saturday mornings) is outdoors to late January 2023 – please see class page for info. Location (below photo) is: Sir James Douglas Elementary School Annex, 7668 Borden Street Vancouver (at 61st Ave, between Knight and Argyle). 5 classes for $110, or $25 each for a single; includes GST.

As of late January 2023, Kbell+ classes will be held at Sunset. Please go online at vanrec.ca, call 604-718-6505 or register in person.

The Fine Print

To avoid losing your investment due to the late cancellation charge, please provide 24 hours’ notice for personal training appointments and 12 hours for classes.

Sign-in is available until 59 minutes before classes start at: https://whatsyourstrength.setmore.com/

All personal training has a 3-month expiry period starting from the date of the first session. Expiry period for classes is 2 months for 5-packs, and 3 months for 10-packs, effective from the date of the first class taken.