The Well-Rounded Warrior

Eight years after (literally) hanging up my sword, I’m back at Academie Duello with The Well-Rounded Warrior.

No matter the weapon or paradigm, good physical condition underlies mastering your art, and this class provides a mix of postural work, mobility, strength and interval training to support you in what you do.

I’m there Mondays at 5:30, in downtown Vancouver at Homer and Hastings. Please note, this is the only class I teach that I don’t administer myself. Click here to contact Duello, or call the front desk at (604) 568-9907 from 2:00 PM-6:00 PM on weekdays.


For all other classes, sign-in and more details are directly below, under “class registration.”

Ready, Set, Lift!

On-line strength classes that are beginner-friendly, injury-friendly, and budget-friendly as well. Join anytime!

We all work on the same strength principles in class, but everyone may not do the same actual moves. For example, on a hip hinge day, some participants might be practising an unloaded glute bridge, and others will be deadlifting. Similarly, a vertical push day might range from lifting an arm overhead without pain to gearing up for a heavy press.

Tuesdays are mainly an upper body focus, and Thursdays are mainly a lower body focus.

Minimum suggested equipment is: one each small, medium, and heavy dumbbell; one each light and heavy resistance bands. Please ask me if you need input!

Tuesday (upper body) and Thursday (lower body) mornings,
on-line, 9:00 a.m.; 55 minutes.


On your Saturday morning mix: A catchy playlist, and an innovative mix of fancy footwork for agility, postural work to stand tall, cardio and strength work to finish up feeling like you’ve earned the rest of your weekend. Modalities include bodyweight, bands, (weather permitting) playground equipment, and resistance work. The kettlebells are if desired and if you know at least how to swing safely — if they’re not for you, feel free to bring dumbbells if you have any. We have a good open location with cover in case of rain: Sir James Douglas Elementary School Annex, 7668 Borden Street (between Knight and Argyle at 61st Ave), Vancouver.

Please bring a heavy band or bicycle inner tube, dumbbells and/or kettlebell(s) as appropriate for you, and a mat (or a towel that you can get dirty). Scaleable to all levels of physical ability.

Saturday mornings at 9:00; 55 minutes.

Punch It Out!

A half-hour of hand pad work. As of July 1, now we can open class up outside of core bubble members. Please bring your own gloves, and if you have hand pads, bring them too! Regarding mask usage, I recommend, and request of you (at the very least, if I am holding for you), that they still be worn while holding hand pads. Same location as Kbell+ (immediately above).

Saturday mornings at 10:30; 30 minutes.

Desk Jockey Zoom Warrior Relief

We’re all hunched over keyboards and staring blearily at screens these days. Gentle desk-based stretches and postural improvements can help to counteract that. Contact me to set up a custom session for your workplace. Sessions can range from 20 to 55 minutes long. Handouts and a YouTube playlist are provided for easy followup.

Oh, My Aching Back!

Get over whatever low back pain you may be experiencing right now, and then prevent it from reoccurring. My goal is to help keep you off of pain meds, and get back to performing the way you want to! Invest 45 minutes for four classes, plus 8 minutes daily to get lasting change.

Please contact me for dates of the next session.

Note: I cannot diagnose the cause of your back pain. This is meant to complement, not replace, any guidance from your doctor or physiotherapist.


Ready, Set, Lift 55-minute on-line classes are $25 each, or $200 for a 10-pack. Outdoor 55-minute classes (Kbell+) are $25 each, or 5 classes for $100 due to seasonal weather variability.

30-minute classes (Punch It Out! outdoor hand pad work) are $15 per class, or $60 for a 5-pack.

“Oh, My Aching Back!” is $75 for the 4-class module. (If you cannot make one of the classes, you are welcome to attend an Unwind on-line mobility class at no charge instead.) Please contact me for dates of the next session.

Pricing for “Desk Jockey Zoom Warrior” will vary depending on your time requirements. Please contact me to discuss.

All class pricing includes GST. Expiry period for classes is 2 months for 5-packs, and 3 months for 10-packs, effective from the date of the first class taken.

Payment isn’t integrated with the on-line sign-in at this time. E-transfer is preferred after I invoice you, to: whatsyourstrength ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com, with cheque or cash also accepted.

Class registration

Booking for all regularly scheduled classes is at: Please note that your first login must be on a desktop (classes are on the left-hand side), and after that you can use your phone.

Note: 12 hours’ late cancel policy for classes, but you can sign until 3 hours before the class begins as long as it still shows on the schedule and the maximum capacity has not yet been reached.

Any other questions, please email me at whatsyourstrength (at) gmail (dot) com