Movement Qualifications

  • Certified Functional Movement System movement expert, FMS 2, with level 3 mentorship.
  • Multiple workshops on soft tissue release (Travel Roller, Yamuna rolling, various myofascial and self-massage presenters)
  • Personal experience with multiple soft-tissue sports injuries has given me practical tools to help prevent injuries in the first place–and also to help you rebound from them, in conjunction with your health professional, if they do occur.

Pain reduction and improved athletic performance: two sides of the same coin when considering movement improvement.

Take underactive glutes, or a stiff mid-back. Either can cause significant pain (low back, hips, knees…), or limit the speed, strength, or endurance abilities of an athlete. Two seemingly disparate end scenarios, with similar underlying causes: tight and/or underactive muscles, which affect joint stability. This throws off our basic underlying “building block” movement patterns and leads to movement compensation.

I’m able to guide people into significant reduction or elimination of most low back pain and hip pain, and I have good success with knees and shoulders as well.

Correcting poor movement patterns is also the smart and sustainable way to increase strength and speed for all levels of athletes. Longevity in movement is the way to go; most of us want to continue moving well, and even better, as we age!

inline-lungeFixing those faulty patterns takes time. Commonly that means some myofascial release with tools such as foam rollers, then providing stability to the area. This could mean practicing one-legged balance, say. Eventually the stability work evolves into classic strength training.

I’ll work with you to find the right level for you, the place where you are challenged but successful, the place where your central nervous system can reset the controls so you can integrate a better way to move, all the while respecting the time and resources you have available. I may refer you for medical attention, depending on the circumstances.

I look forward to hearing from you to set up an appointment. I stand behind my training so confidently that I provide a money-back guarantee: if ever you don’t feel satisfied for any reason once we complete our session, I will promptly reimburse you for it.