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Thanks to Covid, there was a real gap since we last had any powerlifting competitions, and this past weekend was my first time competing in close to two years. I kept it low-key and did a bench-only competition to break the ice.

Am I Happy with How It Went?

I felt that my numbers weren’t amazing, and I failed my third attempt at a weight that I felt I “should” have been able to get rather easily. I was back to being the first lift for each round. (If that doesn’t mean anything to you, it just means that I was lifting the lightest amount… and by a long shot, compared to most competitors.)

The good news: now that I remember the “feel” of it all, the nerves can settle back down and be ready for the Western Regionals in a few months — and all of my preparatory training was injury-free.

The Big Surprise, in Retrospect

I think that a few days afterwards, more than anything else, I’ve retained a lasting impression of human connection.

I had volunteered to set up the venue the night before. That evening, I was able to meet someone who I’ve only spoken to as part of a Facebook group and to compare notes with people I hadn’t seen in quite a while. It felt good to muddle through how to return to competitive sport after months of solo training.

Casting outside of the circle of already-familiar relationships also highlighted the web of inter-connectedness. I felt lucky to benefit from the commitment of so many people to their work, to our world, even in smaller ways. It all matters!

For example, returning late from volunteering, I felt ravenous, with no good food options available near the hotel. The desk clerk very kindly gave me a can of her own soup that she had in the cupboard. Transport to and from a meet that turned out to be in the middle of, well, nowhere, was made infinitely more do-able thanks to contributions by a good half a dozen people.

And of course, the sport itself is carried on the shoulders of volunteer love and labour! I’m grateful for everyone involved… including spotters, who apparently we may need before we think we’ll need them (sigh).

Keep Moving Forward

With about 10 weeks to go until Westerns, now there’s a full three-lift competition ahead on the radar. Hopefully this got my head cleared out so that the body can keep doing its work.

And you? What goals are you working to accomplish? Stay in touch!