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This New Year’s, the resolution crowd has a new wrinkle: here in BC at least, the gyms are closed due to our latest Covid public health order.

In a way, though, maybe this gives us an opportunity to look at making lasting improvements to our lifestyle instead of the ill-fated short-term approach that many people take every January.

What if we focused, instead of where we want to be, on how to get there? On acknowledging and even celebrating every small step in the right direction? Seems to me that procrastination wouldn’t have such an easy time flourishing…

And happily, there’s even some science to back this up! And more here too.

Being in the Swing of Things

What should have been a standard recertification four weeks ago gave me an opportunity to put this into practice for myself. For the first time in eight years, I was called on a few points in both my kettlebell cleans and snatches. I revisited the swing first and am currently back into cleans. I’ve been surprised how good it feels to revisit the basics. Exploring something like the swing truly can  fall into the paradigm of “an inch wide and a mile deep.”

So lately I’ve updated my personal message board: Consider the alternative… then embrace the grind process.



And I’ve taken off some deadline pressure, which has really helped reduce some of the useless, monkey-mind mental effort and free up energy for more important things. So far I find that I’m able to focus on being in the life I want, rather than focusing on what I must do to get to some mythical far-away fixed point.

The goals haven’t gone away — just the opposite — and now I feel that things are indeed going in the right direction to meet them over time.

Double-bodyweight deadlift, I’m looking at you! 2021 Regionals got me back to the exact same deadlift number and total as I had reached in the 2018 Regionals, with the huge difference that this time I felt great the day after, and I was able to lift my left arm and turn my head to the side.

My 5:00 1K run goal is also getting there. While weather conditions didn’t allow me to time it at a real go-go-go pace this year, I do know that as of two weeks ago, I had taken 0:38 off of my kilometre time compared to a year previously, and this was while running at a relatively comfortable pace.

It’s actually a major relief to reduce the timeline pressure on how soon to achieve these goals. My weekly template is both personally exciting and technically sound to help advance toward them – and please do contact me if you need help in finding something that feels the same for yourself.

And as we move more in whatever directions we are choosing to move, I say: good luck to all of us, and let’s keep doing this together!