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The Covid waves haven’t quite finished coming, and home-based fitness is here to stay.

The more specific you are in your athletic career, the more you know what you need, but if that isn’t you…?

The General Plan

It starts with your goals, where you want to be. Maybe switch hemispheres in your brain to draw a picture, or perhaps hold onto a key word of the “you” you’re aiming for.

Then look at where you are right now; the more honest the appraisal, the more accurate the starting point.

Finally, connect the dots to bridge the two.

How To Get There

Next up, logistics: (mostly) time and (lagging way behind in second place) money.

Making it happen is about priorities, and how many minutes out of the day you want to put towards your physical state of being.

What Does Almost Everything

Hands down, it’s kettlebells, for cardio, posture, and functional strength patterns. They’re a natural for apartment dwellers, and also a boon for people who are time-crunched.

Before diving in and buying your own bell(s), though, I would highly suggest first trying a lesson with someone certified. Some people can’t find their basic deadlifting competency, which is a prerequisite. Bells are also not a great fit for people who don’t have the patience to master technical movements.

Nah, Basically Fit is Good Enough

You may be fine with a selection of bands and dumbbells, and access to a playground or nearby hill is a bonus. Since Covid hit, I’ve seen people using 4L jugs filled with water, inner tubes, and a few crazy home-made contraptions, some of which are literally held together with duct tape. Hey, it all works!

But I Want to Pack On Serious Muscle

Okay, you need access to traditional weights, preferably a barbell and plates. Tempo bodyweight workouts will only get you so far!

Again, a few sessions with a competent trainer are worth their weight in gold. It’s just smart to at least make sure you’re performing the moves safely. The more specific your goals, the more you will want programming input.

For the Solo Bencher

And, if you bench alone, please do watch my “safeties safety” video. There are tons of YouTube fail videos of people who opt not to use safeties (and, more sobering, a few deaths that also occur each year as a result) — but one final detail is often missed for those who do use the safeties. Here’s an example (the guy is hurt and shaken but okay).

And here I show how to avoid it.

No Idea Where to Start?

I suggest going through my series on aging well, and the basic moves I think we should all be able to do in some way, shape or form up until the week before we die:

Pick your weakest link, and start with that.

Need Help?

If your budget is tight, a lot of information and support is available to self-starters for free on YouTube, including on my own channel.

Enlist a buddy. Social distancing doesn’t preclude being outside together.

A little more cash? Slide into classes. With our current Public Health Order in place, that means on-line or outside.

Got even more available in your budget? Book at least one session with a reputable trainer. They can check your form to keep you safe, and help tailor a great plan for your individual needs and starting place.

Last thing, just remember that I am one of those reputable trainers 😉 Please stay in touch and let me know how you’re doing! Best to you!