Meghan O’Connell, personal trainer. I help you improve your quality of life through moving better.

whatsyourstrength (at) gmail (dot) com  (Email is the best method, with my fastest response time.)

Most training and classes are ON-LINE, except for Saturday classes.

Class registration, as well on-line booking, at:



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Most training and class participation is ON-LINE

The exception is Saturday classes. Kettlebells are a “bring your own bell” class, and are held at an open-air, outdoor location with adequate room for social distancing and backup cover in case of rain.


Location for kettlebells is: Sir James Douglas Elementary School Annex,
7668 Borden Street Vancouver (at 61st Ave, between Knight and Argyle).


Saturday afternoon location for The Great Outdoors is: Memorial South Park, by the track washrooms.
5955 Ross Street (@ E 41st Avenue)

Please see the “classes” page for more info on how it actually works.

I usually do much of my work out of Eastside Fitness, 5788 Fraser Street, Vancouver.

Powerlifting and strength training usually offered at:
The Bar Strength & Conditioning, 2nd floor, 8410 Fraser Street.


Tune-ups (1-3 sessions) $80 per session
Goal focused (4-9 sessions) $75 per session
Package pricing (10 sessions) $70 per session
Train with a friend! Only $10 more (total) per session.

Please note: 24 hours’ late cancel policy for personal training; 12 hours’ late cancel policy for classes. All personal training has a 3-month expiry period starting from the date of the first session.

5% GST is applicable to personal training rates.

Class pricing already includes GST:

55-minute classes are $25, or $200 for a 10-pack. This applies to Ready, Set, Lift; Kettlebells; and the Great Outdoors. People who take exclusively Saturday/outdoor classes may purchase 5 classes for $100.

Unwind (30 minutes) is $15 per class, or $120 for a 10-pack.