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We all know it: gotta have more glutes! Not only can they provide an esthetic “up,” they help protect the low back and keep the knees healthy.

So…How to Get Those Glutes?

The poor backside, so frequently sat upon! It means that many of us need to learn how to even turn on the glutes in the first place. Then they can be worked on a muscular level.

This video demonstrates the following, with technique tips and handy hints throughout.


These can be done whenever, really, and they’re also good test moves to see if your glute stability and strength training are actually working:

  • glute squeezes (best on a hard chair)
  • one-legged sit to stand (higher elevation may be useful at first)
  • activate glute med through “spread the earth,” then include it in a squat
  • dipping bird

Before Training

If you are very quad-dominant, it may be useful to roll out the quads beforehand to calm them down a bit and stop them from “helping.”

These would be performed at a moderately low resistance, for low reps, to not fatigue the muscles inordinately:

  • hip thrusts (watch that your neck stays neutral)
  • leg lock bridge

Within Training

Glutes are often an integral part of the main event! Especially when doing:

  • stairs (focus on pushing through the heel – which is a theme for glute activation)
  • rowing (during the pull portion, as ankle mobility allows)
  • sprints
  • uppercuts, in boxing and MMA
  • deadlift, especially conventional stance
  • kettlebell swings

The only actual glute-specific training exercise that’s demonstrated in the video is the 45-degree split squat. All the other stuff… well, just contact me 😉

As with pushing through the heel, another common theme in glute activation is to wear flat shoes, if any.

After Training

This is when you can push your muscles closer to fatigue with higher reps or resistance:

  • again, hip thrusts, maybe now one-legged and/or with resistance on the pelvis
  • resisted bridges (plates or heavy bands are the most comfortable way to do this)
  • again, dipping bird, but this time with heavier resistance
  • clamshells and/or side-lying leg raises
  • an 80’s move par extraordinaire, the four-point bent-leg glute raise

And Then?

As always, any questions, comments, rants or raves, please stay in touch!